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Details of Hungary Work Permit :

Before we start the Process the Candidate should know that, there is a Service Charges Involved. Total Service Charge is 4.5 lacs. If they are ready, then only we can start the process. Once approval comes from Hungary, the advance payment is 1 lac and the balance should be paid after the visa approval letter from Hungary.


Hungary Work Permit,  Documents Required :

Step. 1.

Will send the  Bio data and Passpport  copy to Hungary  for Job Approval. 

Step. 2.

Once we get the Approval,  we need the following Documents & Advance Payment. 

1) Passport size photo in white back ground. 

2) Educational Certificates. 

3) Experience Certificates. 

4) Birth Certificate. 

5) Police Clearence Certificate. 

When we collect the advance, we will be giving them a Contract that,  if the visa is not getting within 120 days,  the full amount will be paid back to the candidate. The amount will be received  only in the Company Bank Account and will be given a Receipt also for the amount. 

Step 3.

Once we start the process, within 45 days time the candidate will get a work contract from the Company where they are going to work.

Step 4.

The contract should sign by the candidate.

Step 5.

Once they receive the scan copy in Hungary, then with in 30 days, the candidate will get the Visa Approval Letter from Hungary.

Step 6.

Once the Visa Approval Letter Receive, the Balance Amount should be Paid. 

Step 7.

The Visa Approval Letter and passport should submit to the Hungarian Consulate in Mumbai, then with in 30 days time the visa will be stamped and eigther they  collect the passport from the Consulate or they send by Courier.

Step 8.

Then they can arrange the Ticket and Travel. The concerned Company will take care pickup from the Airport and they do the  rest of the things...


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